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What is a Leveling/Load Balancing?

The purpose for leveling and load balancing on mobile home Is to ensure that the home is sitting solidly on the pier foundation that is put under it by the installers when the home was set in place.

The ground in the Bay Area constantly moves up and down based on the amount of water in the aquifers underneath the ground. In the summertime, when they pump the water out of the ground for irrigation and human use it causes the ground to sink ever so slightly, sometimes two to three inches. In the winter time, when there is plenty of rain  they allow water to percolate back down into the ground via the percolation ponds that are located throughout the valley. This  will create a swelling of the ground. Similar to a waterbed mattress inflating. With this constant movement up and down the piers do not move uniformly. So after 3 or 4 yrs the home (lets say) instead of sitting on 150 piers load balanced it settles back down to sit unevenly on considerably less piers becoming non load balanced the piers. This can cause drywall cracking, shaking when you walk thru the home and even cause windows and doors to not shut or open properly and even in some instances, we have seen windows break. 

Mobile home manufacturers recommend Leveling/Load Balancing your mobile home every two to three years. The purpose for this Is to help adjust the piers to maintain proper support throughout the entire structure of the home because as the ground moves up and the ground moves down annually not all piers move evenly all the time.

When we level/load balance underneath on home and we check every single pier, we look at the pier pads, we look at the piers, we look at the buckles. We look at the support structure of each pier and determine if it needs to be adjusted to make solid contact to hold the load rating that it was rated to hold when the home was put in new.

While we are there we also have trained professionals that are looking for cracked pier pads, water, vapor barrier torn or missing HVAC connections Electrical on the ground obvious mold, signs of rodents Etc. Many things a home owner should be made aware of.


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